Giesterhaus – The Garden

Manchester’s Giesterhaus (real name Thomas Hammersley), has recently released his newest single, ‘The Garden’. The track sees Thomas use electrifying riffs and hard-hitting lyrics that will resonate with listeners in regard to what we’re all currently experiencing.

‘The Garden’ is based on ‘Epicurus’ belief that God exists, yet he doesn’t have an interest in human affairs’, Geisterhaus uses this ideology and compares that to the wealthiest in society and how they could be using their money for the greater good (donating to charity, helping those in need etc), yet they instead choose to use their money to acquire more money and more power.

The track became Giesterhaus’ latest single after Thomas started a poll on his Facebook page, where he asked fans which track should be his next single, based on 5 10-second clips. The votes were tight, yet ‘The Garden’ won with 27% of all votes. Thomas decided to do a poll because he was ‘sitting on a wealth of material’, that he did not know what to do with. With live music being almost “illegal” right now, it feels only right to feed people new music instead.

An accompanying, self produced, music video has also been released, which sees Thomas rocking out in his garden, an exciting, flamboyant piece which showcases Thomas’ delivery and showmanship.

Giesterhaus’ (German for haunted house) previous releases have seen Thomas sarcastically commentate on the likes of ‘Facebook Mums’ and social media motivational speakers. The release of ‘The Garden’ follows on from Giesterhaus’ previous single, ‘Idle Hands’ and his debut album, ‘Bones on Record’.

The return of Giesterhaus is one that is much appreciated, ‘The Garden’ leaves us clinging on for more, eagerly awaiting for the return of proper live music.