Gill Guillermo – Trees

What better way to spend your day/evening/whatever part of your day you’re listening to this – ‘Trees‘ is intimate and has the power to heal. A soothing single that instantly steals your attention, be swept away by Gill Guillermo’s enchanting sound – it’s truly spell-binding. Residing in Liverpool, Gill’s remarkable vocals are warming and tinged with a bittersweet melody.

A poignant song that tells the story about thinking of someone that was once in your life, ‘Trees’ is a melancholic number that will leave you missing your loved ones even more. A familiar subject that we’ve all encountered over this past year, ‘Trees’ is free-spirited and accompanied by a stunning folk-pop chord progression.

‘Wish I could see you in a while’ will play repeatedly in your mind until the day you can be in your loved ones arms again. While it’s arrangement is fundamentally torn between melancholy and sorrow, ‘Trees’ features an optimistic shade that reminds you that good times will return.

Trees” will simply pull at your heart-strings and draw you in with it’s personal instrumentation. Coated with soft finger-style guitar melodies, layers of reverberated violins and uplifting vocals that could resonate with iconic soft-pop artists like Jack Johnson or Cat Stevens.

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