Githmi – Don’t Go Away

Hailing from the sunny streets of Melbourne, Githmi releases her raucous debut single, ‘Don’t Go Away’.

Lyrically covering a rocky subject, ‘Don’t Go Away’ is, “Set within the comfort and happiness in feeling depended on, regardless of the drain that this is on you, ‘Don’t Go Away’ speaks to a relationship that no longer serves you”. Showing an awareness to this, in the first few lines we hear, “I still need you to need me in every single way” through condensed overdriven vocals. The contrast between the lyrical content and the heavier nature of the music’s tones works well, almost hinting at a bit of irony in their emotional paradox.

Diving straight into fuzzy guitars and static feedback, the song’s grungy edge is vibrantly apparent from the off. What feels very cool about the ‘Don’t Go Away’ is the fact that it’s a modest hybrid between grunge and indie-pop. The bright, summery riffs and engaging chorus lines have instead been shrouded in a gritty fuzziness which stray away the clean-cut tones of indie-pop.

‘Don’t Go Away’ is a great example of how a song doesn’t need to be overly complicated if done right- you could happily hum along to it in a car or ferociously headband to it at a gig. Though the composition is not drastically exclusive, it’s energy certainly carries a dramatic punch that you just want to submerse yourself into.

It doesn’t try to be anything other than itself and is uniquely its own. The balance between indie-pop and grunge gives the song a characteristic attitude, appealing to the audiences of two very distinct genres, and would fit right in at a tightly packed dive bar or a sold-out airy festival. Githmi has shown us exactly what she’s about by providing us with a fierce debut single, and I for one am already anticipating her next release.