Gloria – Story of Strife

Making their mark by already breaking hearts in the early stages of their career, Gloria release their latest single ‘Story of Strife’.

The Lancaster-based trio’s third single, ‘Story of Strife’, is certainly the kind of ballad that goes hand-in-hand with a break-up or heartache. With equal parts cheesy love song and sincerely performed storytelling, the track offers everything you’d want in a late-night session of feeling sorry for yourself.

A jangly intro akin to The Smiths ignites the track. The vocals are welcomed in with the lyrics, “Sat on the park bench like Romeo, bag of flowers in my hand”, immediately cementing the aura of a love song. The verse follows a steady rhythm alongside the jangly music and vocals professing that they wish they could “marry that girl”.

The chorus of the track begins with a simple descending melody of ‘Ooh’s instead of lyrics. The melody in which they follow though simplistic, is wonderfully effective and are lifted beautifully with the addition of backing harmonies which really help to push the emotive nature of the track through.

Nodding their head to their influences in the second verse, the vocalist proclaims, “Freddie and Ziggy are in paradise now, but they’re helping me write this song”, which adds an element of sincerity to balance out the gushier styled lyrics.

The advanced performance within ‘Story of Strife’ is without a doubt what makes it such a strong track. If presented with less emotion, ‘Story of Strife’ could quite easily have fallen into the world of bang average, but the passion performed within the vocals and the detailed decorations throughout the music is what puts this track on a well-deserved pedestal.