Glow Beets – 4am

UK based EDM producer Glow Beets is back with latest new single ‘4am’. Jonny Amos, the genius behind Glow Beets, works as a teacher and mentor alongside some of the finest talent in the West Midlands. Working alongside former student and singer-songwriter Felix, ‘4am’ is a statement straight from the heart.

Bending through avenues of different genres, the new release features themes of frustration, insomnia and heartache, which feels relatable for many out there in this uncertain time. 

Felix’s soulful voice gives ‘4am’ a subtle R&B feel, making the single shine with originality. Forming around layers of brightly coloured ambience, the track features uplifting crescendos from electric guitars, drums and infectious vocal melodies.

A partnership that I wouldn’t mind hearing again, ‘4am’ is a collaboration from the heavens. Dynamically, the track builds momentum constantly, and even does so by leaving parts with as little instrumentation as possible before returning fully back.

Hearing Felix’s vocals soar through the piece faultlessly gives the track a sense of real talent. Glow Beets and Felix make a great team, and illuminate the importance of getting feelings off your chest. Highlighting a futuristic sound for the ever-changing electro-pop world, ‘4am’ is worth waiting up for.