Glow Beets – Do You Feel The Same Way I Do?

UK based EDM producer Glow Beets is becoming a household name within the electronic dance world. As the commercial alter-ego to hit songwriter and producer Jonny Amos, Glow Beets is quickly becoming a distinctive project for Jonny.  

Teaming up with young singer-songwriter Liberty Grant, this exciting collaboration may come at a surprise, but unveils it’s true beauty with every pulsating beat. ‘Do You Feel The Same Way I Do?’ will instantly get jiving to it’s contagious beat.

Guided through realms of uncovered land, Liberty’s vocals soar with sass and independence showcasing that this collaboration is something special. Powered by a memorable message, the relatable lyrics feel human, and something people go through day to day. 

Sounds like something off the Love Island soundtrack, which is never a bad thing!

Polished and filled with vibrance, ‘Do You Feel The Same Way I Do?’ is a strong contender in the EDM world. Fuelled with nostalgic sensibilities, the simplicity within this track showcases that all you need to make a powerful song is a confident singer and a fantastic producer. 

The overall instrumentation isn’t complex, but it’s glistening arrangement states that this deserves to be a commercial success. If you’re into uplifting dance-pop with a hint of fashion, this track deserves a place in your head.