Glow Beets – Head Rush

If you’ve been following RGM for a while, you may recognise the astonishing sound of Birmingham producer Glow Beets. A force to be reckoned with in the music industry not only as a musician but also as a lecturer and producer, Jonny Amos, aka the powerful mind behind Glow Beets is back with one of his best tracks to date. Titled ‘Head Rush, the track is once again a collaboration with an exceptional vocalist and songwriter. Teaming up with prolific songwriter Chloe Kay, from the first note, you know this is another standout moment in both songwriter’s careers.

Opening with a piano-driven melody before hypnotic vocal chops steal the spotlight, Glow Beets’ new track pays ode to his signature sound of electronic goodness. Sounding like it could easily become a TikTok hit, someone make a dance challenge to this track already! Going back to the track’s production and arrangement, ‘Head Rush’ is fuelled with ear-worm melodies that won’t be leaving your head anytime soon, the tracks most prominent part is the climactic drop. Exceeding any expectations you may have had to begin with, this new single i polished and addictive.

Telling the story of love and lust, the protagonist describes her desire for the antagonist as a type of ‘Head Rush’. Another phrase for can’t get you off my mind, this heartfelt performance is out of this world. As for Chloe’s vocals – EXCEPTIONAL.

If we all ask nicely, do you think Glow Beets and Chloe might team up for more? We hope so.