Glow Beets – Its All In The Mind

If you’ve been following RGM for a while, you’ll know how much we love Glow Beets. Even if you’re not into EDM, there’s something within each track that Jonny Amos releases that will instantly draw you in. Back with his second single of the year, this is a completely different avenue for Glow Beets. Taking centre stage in the spotlight, ‘It’s All In My Mind‘ hears Jonny’s enchanting vocals that should have been offered already. Poised with one of the most unique vocals around, Jonny’s voice is instantly recognisable as his own.

An autobiographical tale of Jonny’s past mental health struggles, Jonny takes centre stage simply because he’s been through it and is the best person to talk about it. A cinematic approach from the production gives the track the authentic signature Glow Beets track, yet still comes across as refreshingly new. Armed with heart on sleeve lyricism and honesty, as a listener, you will feel closer to Jonny then ever before simply because of how open he’s being.

Still bathed in distinctive piano riffs and climatic drops, this dubstep influence number gives indication of more phenomenal releases to come for Glow Beets. Set to release his debut EP ‘Mind Games’ later this year, if the EP is anything like this number, we’re in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Whilst the track may be based on mental health struggles, there’s a sense of euphoria within the track and it details that things do get easier. Remember, you are never alone – music is always there to fall back on.