Gordon Taggart – Footsteps

Emerging from the wild in a jangly blend of guitars comes Gordon Taggart’s brand new upbeat and bouncy single ‘Footsteps’.

In a follow up to his debut single ‘Be The Ones’, which was met with a significant amount of critical praise, it seems Gordon is aiming to achieve the same sort of success with this new track.

His own description of the song seems to sum it up perfectly. “A pretty good blend of being a song written in a more classic sense – a short, under 3-minute track influenced by ‘60s/’70s bands but still with a modern bounce.”

I really enjoyed the blend of sounds that Gordon has pointed out. The classic rock sound matched with the positive groove really does make you want to move.

However, I do feel that this sound is not a revolutionary choice from Taggart. We’ve hear this sort of thing before from bands like Catfish & The Bottlemen and Circa Waves. It would be interesting to hear Gordon throw in something a bit different that makes him stand out from the crowd. I think if he could do that, you’d start seeing his name a lot more often.

Gordon made a decision to wait to release this new until the arrival of summer. I definitely think he made the right call. Undoubtedly, I know this tune would sound great when your lighting up the barbecue or driving in the sunshine.

What’s more, the track is driven home by an ensemble of catchy ‘ohs’ which truly cement the summer vibe.

Footsteps’ makes Gordon’s bright musical appeal unquestionable and, with plenty of new songs and live shows planned for 2021, he’s only got more to offer.