Graces – I Wanna Live For Free

Sheffield-based Graces explode with their new track I Wanna Live For Free, highlighting the effects of a Saturday night comedown and youth culture. 

I Wanna Live For Free is a wall of punchy noise rock with the production creating a fuzzy vibe of wailing guitars that grab your concentration. You won’t have much chance to think about anything else except for the lyrics highlighting a familiar event of spending money on nights out that we don’t have and returning back home to reflect. 

The theme here is great and it’s relatable for we all want to have a good time without facing financial consequences and the music impersonates that well with its tenacity. The moment the song finishes is so abrupt you are launched back into the present day with little ease as if you had just come off of a late night bender. 

The vocals are sharp and cut through the noise nicely, but I did find the bass and drums hard to pick up whilst the chorus of guitars were full throttle. Not the worst thing by any means, but certainly the production of distorted guitars was really where my concentration was heading and potentially missing out on some good rhythm sections.