Greggs launched a Vegan sausage roll and everyone lost their shit. So what are they like?

Stop losing your shit over nowt!

High street bakery Greggs unveiled their new vegan sausage rolls to the public today. The Vegan Roll, which was petitioned for by PETA over a year ago, is available for just £1 and is on offer at 950 stores across the UK.

The company, which sell over 1.5 million sausage rolls a week, say that the new vegan option will include 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry (made with vegetable oil, rather than butter) and will be filled with a “bespoke Quorn filling”.

The release of the vegan roll parodied that of an iPhone release, with “touch operation”, a “golden finish”, and “optimal flake resolution.”

They weren’t messing around wit the promotion of this one, were they?

However, not everyone is happy with the vegan sausage roll hitting our shelves. Piers Morgan (obviously, who else?) took to twitter to vent his frustration at the pastry, exclaiming “nobody was waiting for a bloody vegan sausage” before signing off the tweet with “you PC-ravaged clowns”.

Of course, this led to backlash, with vegan opposition shunning him and his apparent archaic views on modern diets.

He later tweeted complaining about “howling abuse from vegans”, adding: “I get it, you’re all hangry. I would be too if I only ate plants and gruel.”

However, Greggs were not passive in this situation, sending out their own tweet back at Piers.

Mr Morgan then went on to slate fast-food chain McDonald’s, who also announced a new vegetarian option today – in the form of a Happy Meal.

Piers wasn’t the only person not completely onside with the new creation with a Twitter user writing: “I really struggle to believe that 20,000 vegans are that desperate to eat in a Greggs.”

Another said: ” “You don’t paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa and you don’t mess with the perfect sausage roll,”

But one user pointed out that: “My son is allergic to dairy products which means I can’t really go to Greggs when he’s with me. Now I can. Thank you vegans.”

Its a touchy subject, but what’s your view on it? Leave your comments on the matter below.

We tried one and they are alright. Make your own mind up. We’re not your mother ????

The vegan roll can be found at 11 locations in Sheffield, 28 locations in Leeds and 26 locations in Manchester with many more locations across the North and the rest of the UK.

Visit https://www.greggs.co.uk/bakes/vegan-sausage-roll for more details.