Greta Jaime – Act One

I’m hoping this new single from Greta Jaime is only act one, because I think we deserve to hear more in terms of instrumentation and intricacy. For an artist with such a huge back catalogue of songs, this isn’t her best – but still pleasant and definitely… simple. That’s what pop is, at times; simple. That’s fine, but when I listen to her other tracks, which have experimental aspects and intelligent rhythms and melodies, this is a bit far out from what she seems to be used to.

Jaime has racked up quite a few monthly listeners and plenty of streams from her previous works. I’m seriously hoping this hasn’t made her complacent in her songwriting, especially when she has beautiful tracks like ‘Computer Games’ and ‘Lost in Mexico’ – which BBC Radio 6 Music’s Tom Robinson gave a few spins. Her vocals, reminiscent of Tove Lo and Florence Welch, are unique – advanced and obviously part of her character, making hers a voice that is hard to forget.

Trying to describe her voice is something else; it’s almost as if I can’t find words for the huskiness, yet silvery pleasantness she has to offer in her songs. This is prominent in ‘Act One’. Her vocals are so perfect, if you will, that she seems almost entirely auto-tuned. The beat is British RnB sounding, and acts as a great driving force in the chorus. My only quarrels with this is the simplicity of the 4-chords structure. This stays the same throughout with no change, and I think it might have been slightly more interesting for her to mix this up.

Greta Jaime absolutely has her foot in the door to make it big in British pop, she just needs to wedge it open a little bit more so the opportunity doesn’t slam shut. Jaime has a huge amount of potential, as she’s demonstrated in her earlier tracks, and in ‘Act One’ to an extent.