Growr – Wasted Time

No more wasting time, get hold of the latest track from Birmingham based rock artist growr. The exceptional project from solo musician Jake Parsons is a grunge offering sent straight from the heavens. Stating that rock and roll never wastes time and continuously evolves, ‘Wasted Time is a track that doesn’t stand for any messing around. Written halfway through watching a Foo Fighters documentary, you can definitely hear a huge influence from the nicest guy in rock and roll, Mr Dave Grohl.

Having spent most of his career in bands, growr is a special project for Jake simply because he’s able to let his mind take control of the music and take centre stage. Recorded at a studio in Brighton, ‘Wasted Time’ was also recorded at the same time as the previous single ‘Falling’.

Inspired by the nostalgic years of yesteryears, there’s definitely an authentic sound to growr’s new single that makes it fit the present day. Somewhat armed with punk elements, ‘Wasted Time’ is fast-paced and if it was a person, it would be rocking the coolest pair of sunglasses you ever did see.

Imagine IDLES met up with early Foo Fighters and created a mixtape of solid tunes, ‘Wasted Time’ is a strong second single from growr, and it certainly is a grower.

Each time you listen to this, there’s something else for your ears to taste on.