Guerilla State – Handle With Care

Paying homage to the early 2000’s post-punk music scene, Guerilla State return with a vibrant new alternative rock song straight from the battlefield.

Following in the footsteps of their debut EP ‘Autonomy: Part One”, “Handle With Care” doesn’t need to handled with care – you just need a strong pair of speakers or headphones and the volume turned up to the highest level. Blending modernised synthesisers with indie infused vocals, this hard-hitting number is musically inclined to leave you picking up your jaw off the floor.

Telling the story of angst again the ever-growing, dystopian society we live in, this unapologetic single is a huge middle finger up to any sort of establishment. Standing firmly on its own two feet, this attitude-filled track speaks to thousands across the country.

A complex number lyrically, the instrumentation on the track is somewhat simple. Simplicity is key with this one, and the lyrics certainly make up for a thought-provoking nature. Speaking about things that people wouldn’t usually such as surveillance and authoritarianism, Guerilla State are iconic simply because they’re speaking their own truth.

A remarkable return that certainly brushes off any previous cobwebs.