Guerilla State – Never Taking Me

Never Taking Me” is the latest release from emerging Irish outfit Guerilla State. Exploring themes of social and political themes of today’s world, ‘Never Taking Me’ gets up in your face and refuses to let you take no for an answer. Requiring your opinion and full awareness, their message is to make people stop and think. Musically, their latest release is aggressive, but not in the same field as a metal track. Alternative rock with shimmers of indie within it’s mix, the release may come across as a true asset to the band’s repertoire, but it took years to get right.

With Guerilla State continuously making it as near to ‘perfect’ as possible, the track’s progression has ended in the right way. All music recorded, mixed and mastered remotely in their own homes, you could say the track has been around the world and back again. Composed of Rory Robinson and Michael Dalton, Rory lives in Ireland whereas Michael lives in Australia. The power of the internet, especially during these strange times, has proven to be an essential thing to day to day life now, and Guerilla State even cover that within ‘Never Taking Me’.

Taken from a personal perspective, Guerilla State narrates their views on the government and comes across as form of free expression. Music is a sort of escapism for millions across the world, and Guerilla State clear state that without music, the world simply wouldn’t turn.

Never Taking Me” is refreshing and a huge middle fingers up to the haters. Offering a reassuring shoulder within the dark, Guerilla State mean business on their latest release.