Guy Davis – Waste Land

Released at the beginning of this month, emerging songwriter Guy Davis is back with his second offering ‘Waste Land‘. An artist still very much at the beginning of his career, it feels this songwriter has paved his own way out perfectly within the new single.

Poignant in places but a vital necessity to bring motivation to your day, ‘Waste Land’ is Guy Davis at his best.

An acoustic single that builds with each section, what makes ‘Waste Land’ stand out is how it comes across as free-spirited. Armed with a loose production and arrangement that brings a sort of lo-fi vibe to the whole attire, Guy’s new single provides a social commentary on how we consume news and information of modern society.

Feeling somewhat political in places, the track criticises the trend towards high-volume reporting and the glossing over of major issues. It’s something every news outlet does, but it’s empowering to hear someone actually talk about it.

Many songwriters sing about cancel culture etc nowadays, but this topic is hardly covered. Encouraging listeners to take a step back from the online drama and to live every day like it’s their last, this track feels like a coming-of-age number that would easily fit a teen movie.