Haiku Waifu – 4 2 B 1

Brand new three piece Haiku Waifu have dropped their debut track, 4 2 B 1, and here’s what we thought of it…

A roaring rock tune first up from this emerging band, this tune is one that undeniably has to be played with the volume on full to experience it as it was intended. Driven by a relentless riff which rarely retreats through the three minutes of organised chaos this track feels like, it’s certainly one to get you pumped up. 

You could be forgiven for thinking these guys all met exploring music on the other side of the Atlantic, with distinctive hints of Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age shining through in their sound. In reality though, these three met through the music scene in Liverpool, claiming to have taken some influence from bands they have toured with, which has no doubt contributed to their much fuller sound.

One thing that majorly grabs you is how at that heart of this track it is in fact actually quite minimal through large sections. Broken down, each sound is quite repetitive, even simple, but somehow together it becomes much more than a sum of its parts. The venom in the sound doesn’t particularly come from any one element, but more from the composition of them together and their ability to turn it up and down throughout to keep it fresh. 

Aside from obviously being talented musicians, the most impressive these guys have bought to this song is energy. I couldn’t begin to guess what this song is about, but still found myself hooked from beginning to conclusion, solely down to the energy and genuine ferociousness that it hits you with. It also somehow, probably due to those minimalist features mentioned before, manages to feel very familiar very quickly in the same way any top debut track should. 

Granted, this probably isn’t the best time to be listening to track filled with passion and power as we all wallow, stuck in this lockdown rut, but it carries with it kick-up-the-arse invigoration that Haiku Waifu probably didn’t know we were going to need when they started writing it, but have duly provided. I highly recommend you go and have a listen.