Hakara – Best of Your Bad Side

Newcastle upon Tyne alt rock quartet Hakara are starting their year off the right way, with releasing new music. After releasing their debut EP “Divine Intuition” in 2018, their due to be releasing a string of new singles throughout 2019. The outfit are currently unsigned and creating more content for their discography. Early days still it seems, but from their debut EP, we’re impressed at RGM. Here with new track “Best of Your Bad Side”, there’s elements of their alternative side mixed with post-hardcore.

Proving that they’ve gained confidence, the new single is one to make you jump up and feel the energy pour out of you straight away. The production is uplifting and fits great in today’s modern age. As for improvement, there doesn’t seem to be an exact hook line that sticks with you after listening. Hopefully the newer singles after this one will be more memorable… something that can help the band be more in the limelight.

I’m not saying to go down the catchy pop route, there can be hook lines in any genre. As a whole, the song is good and bounds tonnes of energy. This is a band that would be awesome to see live. You can tell from their studio tracks that they’re not ones to cowardly shy away from the stage. Beholding with confidence, the band have proven that they’ve progressed and will keep progressing further. Looking forward to hearing where they go next.