HANN are a band from Manchester. You might wonder at that assertion when you hear Hannah the singer’s accent: her Mum’s from Germany and after living in Manchester until her early twenties Hannah now lives in Berlin. The other two members, Neil Fitzpatrick and Rick Weedon, are still tucked away on the outskirts of the rainy city.


HANN write with Edward Barton who is probably best known for writing It’s a Fine Day, as well as a bunch of songs you’ve heard but didn’t know he wrote. They have released fourteen singles, all of which have had good national radio play, and are halfway through recording their first album. I don’t think any other band could write songs even similar to theirs.

HANN’s new song is Cupid Home Delivery. This is easily their most romantic song and it would probably be the most romantic song ever written if Hannah didn’t keep ruining it by being very funny. Good drums. The video is getting smiles too

About the video

“There is a lot of land, some of it underwater, between Hannah who is HANN’s singer and the other Hanns. This makes making videos tricky – although I suspect Hannah doesn’t mind the wet distance as she would sooner sing than flounce about. ‘Cupid Home Delivery’ is full of doors opening on loved visitors so we asked everyone we could think of to send us footage of rapturous door-framed meetings. Here they are, expertly spliced.”

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