Single Premiere : Harlequiin – Like Wow

Like wow, no seriously, that is one way of summing up HARLEQUIIN’s latest release. An adventurous track that’s coated in a defined production, it’ll come at no surprise that Harlequiin has received support from media outlets across the web.

Lifted from their upcoming EP, which is planned to drop later this year, Rory Simmons aka the genius behind the project Harlequiin takes listeners through realms of electronic triggers bathed in indie glitches.

An uplifting release that filled with a lively arrangement, ‘Like Wow’ delivers a journey through realms of elevating synthesisers, free-spirited electronic rhythms and warm vocals. 

Hard to be shoved to the back of the pile, this is a track that deserves attention. Worthy of being the soundtrack to your day to get you out of the lockdown blues, ‘Like Wow’ is defined as fresh.

A refreshing outlook into the future of Rory’s distinctive sound, the electro-pop infused anthem is wild.

A beast that doesn’t want to be tamed, the track has the power to turn off those overthinking thoughts in your head for a moment, and be transported to a place of contentment. Innovative and one of the most original tracks you’ll hear this month.