Harpa – I’ve Been in Love Before

Releasing your debut single is no easy task, and it’s easy to make it seem overwhelming, but Nottingham-based singer Harpa has risen to the challenge with her new song ‘I’ve Been in Love Before’.

Flooding with emotion, the simplicity of the lyrics make the meaning all the more powerful. Harpa wields her voice in a way that really elevates the song to a point where you can’t help but connect with Harpa’s troubles.

It’s no surprise how easy it is to make this connection either, as the inspiration behind it is something that can hit close to home for a lot of us. Explaining the song, Harpa said ‘I’ve Been In Love Before is about… well, being in love. And being out of love. It’s that point after your first heartbreak, where you’re not sure you can put yourself through loving and being loved again…Nearly everyone can relate to feeling that gripping fear of further loss and pain after a traumatic event.’.

You can almost imagine this single in a soundtrack to a big Hollywood blockbuster. It oozes drama and you just can’t ignore it.

To pair with the track is a video which shows Harpa strolling amongst the trees through a snowy forest. It really adds an ethereal, mysterious quality to the song, and if it wasn’t emotional enough at first then this really does emphasise it.

Things are looking bright in Harpa’s future too. Having signed to DooBeDoo records, she is slowly making a name for herself in the music scene. She may soon be adding her name to the list of one-named, ballad-singing stars.

Harpa has spent enough time crafting her sound, and now she’s ready for everyone to hear.