Harry Heart – Guaranteed Peace

“Anger always gets the job done” – British-Australian artist Harry Heart lets out all the rage in new single ‘Guaranteed Peace’.

After returning to the UK from Down Under around a year ago – the musician has been nothing short of prolific in his releases. 2020 saw singles ‘Fell So Low’ and ‘Burden’ and more recently tracks ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Heat’ hit us earlier this year. Now he’s back with his third offering of 2021 ‘Guaranteed Peace’ – and with it an announcement for his upcoming debut album ‘Summon It’.

Fiery and laced with contempt, the track was inspired by being stood up by another artist. By taking that maddening energy and putting it into his art we are left with one brooding number. In just under 3 minutes, Heart gives us a cathartic release of raw emotions.

Kicking off with the spine-tingling snarl of an electric guitar – a steady drumbeat ticks away. There’s an interesting switch between different soundscapes. On the one hand a swaggering indie-rock vibe with epic and echoey thundering guitars – but there’s also a streak of alt-pop with the addition of synths and keys – a particular unsettling sound holding an almost otherworldly theremin quality.

Vocals are punchy and filled with venom as Heart details the sore tale, in particular remarking on how this behaviour won’t be forgotten about anytime soon.

“Hey, that’s worth remembering” 

There’s a cleansing feeling to the track, a vent of intense feelings that could not stay bottled up – which is both powerful and relatable.

When we feel like this, letting it out is perhaps the only way to guarantee peace of mind. And if you’re Harry Heart – a huge track too.