Harry Heart – Urchins

Harry Heart has a new single out, and boy do we have a catchy tune on our hands. This genre-mash of punk, pop, indie, and electronica ticks all sorts of boxes when it comes to searching for a new song for you to belt along to.

Heartfelt lyrics matched with Harry’s hurting vocals make for an incredibly captivating listen.

Out of everything, the line that strikes the deepest is Harry’s call on the listener to ‘take credit for your life’. If there’s anything that should be ringing around your head after listening to this one then it has to be this, because not only is it catchy but it also wouldn’t do anyone harm to listen to Harry’s advice. A powerful message like this only makes you admire Harry more.

One of the best appraisals I can personally give this track is that I would happily stick it in a playlist of my own to listen to again. I only wish I could say I would listen to it over and over, but there’s a confusing kazoo-like noise in the verses (which I presume is a bit of synth) that I think would eventually start to wind me up.

Despite this, Harry should give himself a strong pat on the back for this release. I’m not the only one appreciating his talent either. In the last year alone, he has made his debut on BBC Radio 6 Music, featured on BBC Introducing’s Hot List, managed 700,000 Spotify streams, and performed alongside big names such as Badly Drawn Boy and The Slow Readers Club.

If that isn’t a big enough hint to give him a try then I don’t know what is.

It would be a fair assessment to say Harry Heart is on fire at the minute. I’m just eager to see what he does next. I reckon he has the potential give us a whole lot more.