Harry Tonks – All I Have Is You

We are all dreaming of the summer, acoustic tunes, and a beer garden. Here we have a classic hum a long track from a gentleman who has honed his craft throughout the northern drinking establishments of this fine county.

Layered with appealing backing vocals and a casual running lead guitar it strikes many musical notes.

Unfortunately, it is a touch more ‘snakebite’ than ‘top shelf’. Here we are, a lad has gone into the studio, some chords come with, an acoustic terrace attitude, a voice yet to be broken.

The world to be solved, first love lost, how can this be solved? Another glass of wine? I don’t for a minute, believe the man’s a wine fan, nor that this is a strain on the ears. It is just that there is so little originality raising its little head throughout, the quality of the recording is good, but the desire for more from life than a Gallagher strum remains.

The lad smashes essences of Lewis Capaldi and Gerry Cinnamon but where these goliaths in the music realms still convey personability and approachability, Harry lacks in conveying exactly what, where, and who we were with whilst Tonks was playing.

I’m sure there are tricks up the sleeve, but don’t leave them till the encore. It’s a fast-paced fickle world, and we want to know how you creatively deal with it.