Hartlepool Four Piece Leopard Rays Premiere Video for New Single ‘Carried Away’

Hartlepool’s Leopard Rays are a band combining layers of dreamy guitars, lush reverb drenched vocals with a pop sensibility and a penchant for the occasional crunching riff whenever the mood takes them.

Taking their influence from the likes of Pearl Jam, Oasis and Ride as well as more contemporary acts such as The Pale White, Broken Hands and Inhaler. The band have spent much of the recent troubled times writing, demoing, and recording, and ‘Carried Away’ reflects the first fruits of that labour of love.

Locked up and beat down, ‘Carried Away’, is a paean to breaking up and breaking free. Built on a raucous mix of chiming guitars and an anthemic sweetness, the track is a bold move forward from the band’s previous ‘90s influences by forging new ground for melodies and hooks akin to that of fellow North-eastern acts Frankie & The Heartstrings, and Sam Fender.

A celebration of hedonism in the face of bad luck and broken hearts, with a motorik riff emerging in the second half of the track that mesmerises as much as it packs a punch, cementing ‘Carried Away’ as the band’s most radio-friendly release yet in a little over three minutes of glorious grit. RGM is pleased to be able to exclusively premiere the track’s video: