Hayden J Barlow – What You Don’t Know

Hayden J Barlow is back with his second release to date. Carrying on in the same atmosphere as his first single, new track ‘What You Don’t Know paves the way to becoming Hayden’s most impressive body of work to date. Influenced by contemporary R&B artists and jazz soundscapes, this soulful artist introduces a more up-beat style to his songwriting, and we’re completely living for it.

‘What You Don’t Know’ can’t hurt. Clearly stating the obvious in its message, this neo-soul track is bathed in confidence and one powerful voice from Hayden. An innovative artist that ticks every box imaginable, the second single from Hayden is destined to leave you grooving away during lockdown.

We need more positive filled tracks at the moment, and Hayden’s infectious grooves are exactly what the world is missing right now. Giving fans an insight to nostalgic soul arrangements, ‘What You Don’t Know‘ is refreshing, and could never be over-played.

Polished, original, and more importantly, passionate.