Hayes & Y – Empty Orchestra

“A bunch of Bulgarians + a Finnish guy tackling the concerning lack of Bulgarian-Finnish bands in the Manchester” – Hayes & Y blend indie pop, electro, dance and disco influences with their new release ‘Empty Orchestra’. 

Coming only a couple of months after their last tune ‘The Times’ in February – this new track is the second in a trio of releases worked on during lockdown. A markedly more mellow and laid-back offering compared to the frenetic energy of the last – ‘Empty Orchestra’ was in fact originally written for someone else. Thankfully the band decided to keep hold and work their magic on it.  

Surely destined to be a dreamy indie-disco staple – the track opens with flowing synths and moody verse vocals. The crash of the reverbed bass drum leads to a building funky bassline and we’re even treated some pretty air-guitar worthy riffs in there. There’s a powerful switch to an irresistible falsetto for the chorus..
“Free me up when I’m all tied / Pick me up when I’m not right / Hear me out, you’re my light / It was dark now it’s so bright”

It’s a chilled groove, but there’s a beautiful melodic melancholy about this track – a sentimental longing for something or someone that once was – and fiercely trying to get back to or recreate those joyful moments. 

If the cocktail-filled music video is anything to go by – ‘Empty Orchestra’ is sure to become “your new favourite karaoke song” – I can imagine belting this out in the Orchid on a Summer’s night. And I’m kinda nostalgic for that moment already..