Formally known as “Future Fires” and now re-branded as “Heart Machine” after a line-up change and pandemic the Birmingham based bands new single “Do You Believe?” is claimed to be the first taste of them wiping the slate clean and starting anew.  

If you love crowd-pleasing hooks and indie rock that echoes that of early Arctic Monkeys this track could be right up your street. Jumping straight into the chorus with no time to waste one thing that can be said for certain is that this track is lively from start to finish.

Done in a way which is bigger and louder sounding than their previous releases under the name “Future Fires” with punchy guitar riffs and a racing drum beat this track is filled to the brim with layers of sound leaving no room for the imagination.  

This, however, is also for me where the track arguably falls short. Lack of imagination holds this track back. Whilst there’s nothing negative about crowd-pleasing, anthemic rock music “Do You Believe” would benefit from a more diverse vocal sound and less predictable guitar chord progressions to emphasise the passion of the song and make it memorable as well as energetic.  

Do You Believe” ticks boxes needed to succeed in indie rock music made for big crowd consumption. The energy is there, hopefully Heart Machine will be able to push themselves out their comfort zone in the future in order to truly stand out.