We review the new single from Hello Cosmos – Fuse

Manchester four-piece powerhouse, Hello Cosmos invite you into their unique sound with their latest track Fuse that lights the fuse to an explosion of rock and poetic vocal work.

A ferocious bass becomes a wall of noise with rising guitar notes and galloping drum beats. Racing along the top of Fuse comes the enigmatic vocal style that is almost literary, as messages of enlightenment are expressed thoroughly in a spoken approach.

The verse has a delightful bouncing groove to it that transcends into a solemn bass-driven bridge and lets the vocals take center stage. Hello Cosmos know how to showcase their varied sound and styles as a gritty guitar build up blows up into the exciting introduction riff where the low-note guitars rip through the track.

The production is of the finest quality with each instrument nicely slotted next to each other and no one has to fight for my attention, as each instrumental contribution has a full grasp on me.

I almost feel disappointed when Fuse comes to an end as it last vocal contribution makes me feel like there’s more to tell. Alas, I’ll have to wait for their album, Dream Harder in November. Hello Cosmos’ style mixes together post-punk, experimental rock and hard rock to present a huge sonic sound that I did not tire off with each listen for this review.

A very experienced roster of musicians provide a very classy piece of rock music.