As is often the case, this year has provided no shortage of musical memes. So as a fun end of year roundup of all things not-so-serious, I’ve taken a deep dive into the internet’s memetic comedy of 2022. Here’s what I’ve found.

We begin with a meme for all the orchestral musicians out there, especially those who delight in completely ignoring what they’re meant to be doing and playing at entirely their own pace.

Classical musicians call this rubato – a style of performance whereby the piece’s tempo is deemed fluid and the music accelerates and decelerates discretionarily – which provides great emotional depth within a performance. That is provided, of course, that this is a solo performance. If every member of an orchestra does it, it’s a total car crash.

Every year there appear to be increasingly more memes relating to music fans who use self-deprecating humour to convey some rather upsetting realities – e.g. this meme about how the average runtime of a Pink Floyd song outlasts most relationships. To the individual who made this, I hope everything’s ok.

This one may strike a nerve. Picture the scene – your favourite artist has announced a UK and EU tour. You check the tour dates to find that this ‘tour’ consists of three nights in London, Paris and Berlin respectively.

This seems like a good opportunity to preach to those bands. One night at the O2 Arena in London is not a UK tour. It’s not even that easy for Londoners to get to if you don’t live near the Jubilee line.

We end this yearly roundup of memes with one of those memes that takes things a little too literally. I’m on the fence as to whether this is particularly funny but I’m throwing it in there as a little Christmas bonus.