Hey Bulldog – California

Manchester based trio Hey Bulldog returned in June with their first single of the year. Titled “California”, the garage rock collective are currently signed to Doing It To Death Records. Destined to be on your playlist, “California” fuses indie rock with dream-pop influence.

Coated in a luscious reverb, the vocals are comforted in an electrifying blanket. It’s like Black Sabbath had a jam with Darker My Love and created this force to be reckoned with. 

Hard to ignore and fast paced, the energetic performance that the band always deliver live has been cherished perfectly in a studio mix. Straight from the get go, the speed of the track is there. Dynamically, you’d think that a fast track couldn’t build anymore, but this tune is different. With a continued momentum, “California” is hard to grab hold onto.

Drawing your attention to it’s grit filled guitar riffs, this has got to be my favourite Hey Bulldog track to date. A strong track that will sit at the front of their repetoire for time to come. There’s just one thing that I’d say to improve and that would be to have the vocals impact that little bit more. Nevertheless, the whole arrangement of the song is fierce and very powerful. With upcoming shows around Manchester, make sure to keep up to date with all things Hey Bulldog, you won’t be disappointed.