heyimmanic – I Wanna Lose

Taking the winning shot and leap into the industry is a tough challenge, but heyimmanic makes it look super easy. Teaming up with multi-talented producer Arey for new single ‘I Wanna Lose‘, the hyper-pop single may come across as lively and joyful, but its darker message will leave you stunned.

Highlighting his struggles with grief and addiction, we hear heyimmanic speak confidently with his fans and that’s entirely empowering. Written around the time of the fifteenth anniversary of his mother’s death, this powerful single is highly emotive.

Using music as a form of therapy, heyimmanic comes across as a true musician that you’d be proud to look up to. Getting through his struggles with music being his main hope, ‘I Wanna Lose‘ is armed with a creative sound that comes across as diverse. Extremely emotive and getting stuck into the song, the vocals from the artist refuse to be ignored.

You can hear the pain throughout the release and will completely sympathise with heyimmanic throughout. Instrumentally, the track is energetic and uses a polished production to convey that things will get easier someday.

Honestly, this track is an emotional rollercoaster.