HI SIENNA – Favourite Thing

Favourite Thing’ is fun straight from the off and continues to be that way right the way through. It is a great piece of alternative pop music that brings together a catchy melody with entertaining singing. Plus, with this being HI SIENNA’s debut single it makes you wonder what else have they got in the locker.

The song has a nice build up to edge you into the song with the drums already getting your feet tapping. Next, the bass rolls in followed by the guitar riff that really makes you want to dance. The riff is strange, if it was used in a different song it could feel more trippy but in ‘Favourite Thing’ it goes perfectly with the drums and bass to give it a great indie-pop feel.

When the vocals enter the mix, you won’t be disappointed the lead singer has a great voice. She uses it to really bring the song together and keep it flowing. Starting slow and soft into upbeat and lively. She shows a great diversity in vocals throughout the song. Whilst it is hard to pick the main shiningquality in the song, the vocals are superb and thoroughly enjoyable.

Check out ‘Favourite Thing’ for yourself but be prepared to want to dance and move. A great debut single that sets the bar high for their next one but already you can see the band knows how their strengths work well together. Looking forward to hearing the next song.