Hide Away – Judy Granville

Hide Away, the brand new single from Brighton singer-songwriter Judy Granville is out now. Dripping with topical lyrics, referencing lives being put on hold, being trapped alone in our rooms, it excels itself as a soundtrack for these uncertain times we find ourselves in.

 The whole mood of this track seems to be perfectly in line with the general mood we all find ourselves in recently. Haunting melodies and dark lyrics which talk of waiting to be freed from this fate we find ourselves locked into create a distinctively uneasy feeling as you listen, only lightened by the fact that Judy herself happens to have such vigour in her voice.

As alluded to previously, this is a song which is really driven by the powerful and to-the-point lyrics which she delivers unflinchingly. To an extent, most of us have lived the same life through the past months, and this is why Judy’s lyrics really hit home. She talks directly to you, telling you about your own experience, only much more gracefully and dramatically then we could ever wish to.

Reading the above, you may be put off, but you shouldn’t be. The aforementioned sense of unease really comes from the lyrics and the minimalist instrumentals, but the way she delivers it is heavenly. To me, it stirs up comparisons to others who have been able to mask darkness with the blissfulness and enamour in their voice, Nina Simone being an obvious example, Florence Welsh, especially in her early music, being another. This ability to soften a topic which is so raw for all of us is in my opinion the most impressive part of this track.

The almost overpowering mixture of emotions that is conjured up with Judy Granville’s sonwriting is not something to be taken lightly, and even less something you want to miss out on. Her abilty to seemlessly speak for us all is a gift, and one that should be vastly appreciated during a time like this. All we can do is hope that next time she puts pen to paper it is to convey a view on a much happier and freer world than the one we currently find her describing.