HMV Meadowhall & Sheffield want local artists music in their stores!

Rising from the ashes under its new ownership, music high street retailer HMV, has been pushing its music sales this year with a larger focus on vinyl, seeing expansions to units across all stores. 

The company are now looking to further their variety of artists by including CD’s and vinyl released by upcoming local talent. This can be from the likes of singers, bands, DJ’s and more. Sheffield’s music scene is currently bustling with great sounds showcased throughout the week in the city’s venues and furthermore from the Tramlines Festival this past summer. 

Sheffield’s two HMV stores (Meadowhall and Sheffield High Street) are ready to get on board and feature your music on their shelves and daily playlists. 

Pete Ollerenshaw, Manager at Sheffield Meadowhall, said: “We’re always hearing about the local talent in and around South Yorkshire and we’re glad to see the company take this incentive,

“We think HMV is a brilliant place for artists to get their name out there and we look forward to meeting with them and getting their records on our shelves” 

HMV are also offering the opportunity for artists to perform in-store with a mixture of acoustic and full band sessions to help artists perform to new audiences and further advertise the talent we have in this city. 

Mark Crane, Senior Sales at Sheffield High Street, said: “In the last year we saw local artist The Blinders put on an amazing gig in our store as part of their HMV sessions which pulled out a great crowd. 

“We’ve got plenty of space on our second floor to accommodate acoustic artists and loud bands and would love to see this become a weekly set up.”

The stores will be planning to have a whole section dedicated to local talent for ease of finding their music. Singles and albums are both welcome and prices will be discussed between artists and the stores.

To get in contact and find out more, Meadowhall and Sheffield High Street have advised artsits to drop into their stores to talk with the managers. 

RGM have been asked to make their recommendations for suitable artists so watch this space.