HOL – You Should Know

HOL, otherwise known as Hollie Findlay is a singer-songwriter from the UK who grew up in Kefalonia, Greece. In the process of putting together her 2020 debut album she has released two tracks ‘Seasons’ and ‘You Should Know Now’. Her two tracks present a variety of influences and sound with hints of R&B, Soul, Electronica and Pop being the dominant sounds and are layered with delicate vocals.  

‘You Should Know’ has slick bedroom instrumentation with a simple drum beat and slick bass guitar carrying the main rhythm of the track. The sliding bass coolly stands out with its low tones complementing Findlay’s light vocals. The guitar work is warm and resonates so well in the background reminding me of early 00’s R&B licks.  

Whilst the music is so smooth and easy-going, there’s a feeling of confidence from everything involved; especially Findlay’s mixture of vocal styles. There’s a combination of youth and experience and the layering of vocals in the middle really take me back to a lot of R&B I grew up on. Sweet, soulful and easy to get on with a nice touch to pop music that’s been popularised by artists such as Lorde and Sam Smith in recent years.  

‘Seasons’ is much more pop and electronically driven in comparison to ‘You Should Know’. Most of the rhythms are concentrated on electronic drum beats and synthesizers. There’s a further direction in vocals with layers, harmonies and choruses all from Findlay. It showcases her to sing much more vibrantly and louder. Referring back to my confidence comment which you can find all over this track.  

The track reminds of a smoother and more pop-sounding Kacey Musgraves, and everything you hear is so sharp and well-produced. The production on the vocals and synths are professional and the heavy bass electronics in the verses thunder through this track grabbing my attention. 

I love how the track ends so suddenly after the big build-up of vocals, electronics and guitar, buts leave you on your toes for something more. It’s very suspenseful.    

A future pop star in the making.