Hollows – Advice

RGM will happily give you some advice… listen to this track and it’ll be the best thing you do all day, seriously. Manchester-based trio Hollows are something special, to say the least, and their latest single just confirms this even more. Their first single of the year combines the traditional Manchester sound and good old fashioned rock and roll in the palm of its hand. The first of four singles to be released from Hollows this year, the only advice we can give this band is to keep on doing what they’re doing.

Continuing to develop their sound, it sounds like Hollows are really themselves when on a stage. Taking the pandemic to write more anthems, ‘Advice‘ will certainly get people dancing at live shows, or in the meantime, your house! Using dynamics to convey its true attitude-induced story, the track builds with momentum and never lacks in energy. Youthful and sounding like Catfish and the Bottlemen had a pint with The Libertines, ‘Advice’ is armed with a soft stroke of teenage angst too.

Only constructive advice we’d give to these lads is that in some parts the track felt predictable. You only have to listen to the first thirty seconds and you already know what path it’s going to go down. Nevertheless, that’s not totally a bad thing. To make a killer song, it needs to be memorable and find its way into the nation’s heart, and ‘Advice‘ certainly ticks those boxes.