Hollows – You’re Fine

A jangly Manchester indie band with a warming sentiment. It’s hard to say no isn’t it? You might as well give it a spin.

Released via End Of The Trail Records, ‘You’re Fine’ is the band’s second release of the year, following their well-received single ‘Advice’ being released back in May. It’s an easy-going, upbeat, sing-a-long song that you can’t really be offended by. 

What I mean by this is that the track doesn’t do anything outrageous or outlandish. It sounds exactly how you’d expect a Manchester indie guitar band to sound.

In the past, Hollows have been compared to the likes of The Charlatans, Placebo and Smashing Pumpkins, which I can completely understand after listening to them. I can also hear a certain Gallagher-twang to their music too.

The band gave a description of the track themselves, explaining how ‘It’s about wanting that little bit more than you have out of life but also understanding that what you have is okay and you’re not doing all that badly. Being proud of your accomplishments however big or small.’. 

This meaning is one of the track’s stand-out appeals. You can’t really knock down this sort of kind-hearted message.

Unfortunately, despite the nice motive behind it, musically it felt like the band played it safe. Everything was perfectly fine in terms of recording and writing, but nothing really gripped me to say that this was something really special. I’d love to see Hollows stick their neck out and test themselves with new sounds in the future.

If the North West four-piece can be just a little more adventurous, there’s no reason why they couldn’t have a chance at making bigger waves in the music scene.