Honey Motel – Madeline

A tune packed full of wonder melodies, Madeline serves in presenting the range of sounds which Honey Motel are prepared to explore, and inevitably conquer.

This is a track which never really lets you settle down. Setting out with a harmonious, almost floaty sound, it feels as if it builds slightly bigger with each line, adding a synth track, with the guitars and drums climbing endlessly until it comes to its ferocious crescendo. It leaves you questioning whether the track you end the three minutes listening to is in fact the same one you started with, such is their ability to cram so much variation into one piece.

Perhaps the most impressive thing they have succeeded with in this track is the subtlety of its layering, sneaking in a little extra with every verse to create the aforementioned crescendo. The sounds they portray both contrast and complement each other throughout, from which ultimately the outcome is a sound which showcases a natural ability to create a clean and melodic base, whilst simultaneously retaining a down-to-earth energy which keeps it grounded.

Always shining through the big sounds of Madeline is an underlying sense of defiance. The general feeling at the beginning is one of despair, almost dread, but as it builds and builds, with the enchanting riffs wiping away any sadness from their sound, it becomes almost euphoric. The powerful, gritty vocals which atop it, along with the lyrics of course, only further serve in presenting a feeling over overcoming some sort of gloom, something which resonates with anyone in our times.

Madeline is, to put it frankly, a very strong track. It shows Honey Motel to be all-rounders. It doesn’t rely on any one thing to propel it above and beyond others, but instead combines its energy, charm, and more than anything simply tight instrumentals to provide a real backdrop which allows them to tell a story, and they tell it in emphatic style. I can predict with some confidence that we have not seen the end of these boys.