Horsemeat – Jibber Jabber

If you haven’t heard of Horsemeat before, what you need to know if that they’re the guys bringing you 3.18 of red hot fire and fury! Altrincham trio Horsemeat have truly released a beast with their latest single ‘Jibber Jabber’. Out now on all major streaming platforms, this grunge laden raucous perspires with pent up rage.

Crashing in with a heavy guitar riff, and thrashing drums, this song gets the blood pumping from the off.  Exploring modern suburban ‘Cookie cutter living’ the track ponders unwanted interaction, claustrophobia and nihilism. It truly blurs the boundaries between alternative rock and metal, bringing massive sound that is frankly fucking filthy!

Horsemeat have dubbed their blistering fusion of Grunge, Prog and Punk: “Prunge”. A sound that should grab the attention and satisfy people on both sides of the divide.

What is not to like here? Massive instrumentals and a ragefully opinionated bloke shouting things about life and society – yes please. After a few listens of this, I genuinely feel I’ve had an adrenaline shot. Roll on summertime when it will hopefully be legal to rage alongside these fellas at a gig!