Hüds – Copicat

Copicat is the debut single from Wolverhampton’s Hüds. It opens like Sahara Desert Psych-rock behemoth Tinariwen with complex and open lead guitar lines. It’s rough around the ages like various San Fran Garage Rock outfits but British enough to be different.

is a track after my own heart, it’s namesake (I’m assuming) being a WEM tape delay unit that I am quite attached to. The verses are trashy, production is roomy, honest and live sounding. Guitars bite satisfyingly and effects bend and warp between any cracks in the song.

Vocals play on that old reggae rhyming technique – “Agitation / Desolation / Stagnation / Purgation” consecutively. This is a tired trope that Hüds actually manage to pull off. It’s proper wordy and over-complicated. It ought to be irritating. It very nearly is – but the instrumentation and production are strong enough for it to work. 

Hüds are trying something a little different. Hats off for every single time that happens.

See also: “Sleigh Bells” by “Fuzz”.