Hugo M. Hardy – Trainspotting

Man, this is quite something. F*cking hell. It’s rare a track from an artist I’m set to review makes me ‘feel’ in quite the way Hugo M. Hardy has just made me feel. Perfectly balanced, gut-wrenchingly powerful in an oh-so-delicate way, I’m floored by ‘Trainspotting’. The grief, the sorrow, the isolation, all of it hit that spot you didn’t know you needed hitting, and then it just leaves you hanging in silence wondering what it is you’ve just listened to.

Vocally, this is quite wonderful. Every morsel of every syllable of every word of every line elegantly evokes the hardship it is intended to expose, and it truly does bore a hole right through you on every listen. His vocal layering, both in placement and execution, are goldilocks’ dream; never once overpowering to the rest of the song, but never unnoticeable or underdeveloped either. 2:30 – 2:40 perfectly gets this point across; “…if I were dead” descends into silence before these pained and isolated ‘oohs’ are expertly crafted into a warming vocal swell and bass crescendo.

You can really tell that each and every moment of this song has been deliberately crafted in the way it was intended, with no stone left unturned in pursuit of full evolving the emotional connection with the listener. Hardy wants you to feel what he’s coming to terms within this track, but it doesn’t at any point feel forced. Just natural swathes of melancholy that sweep over you in one consistent motion. Even the artwork, created by Zoe Buckberry, reads like the song sounds!

The instrumentation throughout is wonderful, a masterful blending of acoustic, of electronic bass tones, of cleverly produced percussion, and ethereal effects, all tied into a direct and impassioned narrative. I can’t begin to tell you how much credit must go to the arrangement of ‘Trainspotting’; it fully realises the concept. Each addition to the soundscape sounds natural and needed and perfectly placed… I’m coming to the stage where I’m just lost for words now…

…and do you know what, I’m going to leave it there. I could go on and on and on about this track for days on end, but I sincerely want everyone who is reading this to go away, find somewhere quiet and away from the chaos of today, put your headphones in, and let Hugo M. Hardy’s world bleed into yours. Singlehandedly, this is the best track I’ve ever reviewed at RGM, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to do so.

Music/Production @hugomhardy
Artwork @zoelbuckberry