Hugo Valentine – Rule The World

London based Singer-songwriter and professional Pianist Hugo Valentine has released his 3rd single this year. ‘Rule The World’ is a shining beacon of hope that encourages the listener to see the light and work towards an exciting future. Written as an inspiration to pull a friend of Valentines’ from the mire of addiction, it is an incredibly uplifting and motivating pop ballad.

Whilst the track was written and inspired by a friend, the timing of this release is paramount because after the start to the year we’ve all endured and the hard times that are inevitably yet to come, this is a song that we can all take something from and the words are certain to inspire many of us.

Valentines’ inspirational lyrics are set off by his rich, husky vocals and reinforced with a melodic, feel-good hook that will whirl around your head for hours! Led by an up-tempo piano melody with bass guitar and drums weaved through; the instrumentals alone could brighten your day.

Being inspired by a long and eclectic list of influences from Elton John, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys to Tom Odell and David Bowie means that Valentines’ music is rich and exciting on all levels. Having concentrated more on soft, ballad tracks seemingly more influenced by artists like Tom Odell for many od his previous releases, this track is a clear step towards exploring a more light-hearted side.

Valentine has a real knack for writing lyrics that maybe should be sad and more reflective but making the listener feel euphoric. With a clear talent and passion for both performing and writing and the ability to write a range of songs to put us through a ringer of emotions, commercial success seems inevitable for Hugo Valentine.