Hunter-Gatherer – Run My Mind

Hailing from Yorkshire, Hunter-Gather are an in your face alt-rock band and their latest single ‘Run My Mind’ is a perfect example of what they are all about. It’s heavy riffs and a no-nonsense attitude are screaming out to be heard.

The song doesn’t wait around giving little warning in the form of a background guitar riff before erupting into the heavy guitar and hard-hitting drums that are guaranteed to excite a crowd and get them moving. Don’t expect to be stood still when you see ‘Run My Mind’ performed live.

The intensity drops for the verse which works well as you are able to hear the vocals clearer and it would be a shame to miss out on the great voice. Plus, the drums get funkier causing you to move about, tap your foot a little, maybe get them shoulders dancing. 

Don’t worry though, come the chorus the song is back to full throttle and its one you can imagine belting out with your mates as you jump into a mosh pit. As the bridge comes up, we are teased with what you expect to be a guitar solo but instead met with a drop and build up into your last chance to rock.

Run My Mind’ is a great example of what rock music can be when you are passionate about music. It doesn’t need to be fancy just full-on and leave nothing to waste. The future looks good for Hunter-Gatherer as they build on their previous releases of ‘Move’ and ‘Pedestal’ they are quickly creating a great catalogue of songs.