Hurtling : Future From Here

Future From Here, the debut album from London-based Hurtling encompasses rich resonating sounds and fuzzy riffs. It’s breathes the delicate Dreampop and ferocious Shoegaze of the early 90s and mixes them together with modern indie and alt-rock riffs. 

Imagine if you put together bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins then you would have Hurtling. The production on the album doesn’t resemble the gritty early 90’s, but then again in this new age of digital recording it isn’t needed for we hear the quality in the craftsmanship. 

Vocalist and guitarist Jen Marco is a dynamic front-person with her voice softly carrying over smoother moments on the album such as “Alone” but at the same time hypnotically roars through loud and proud tracks such as “Don’t Know Us” and lead single “Summer.” 

The guitar tones used throughout the album such as the fuzzier first half of the album and delicately picked chorus rhythms fill me with nostalgia and remind me of some of my favourite albums from bands such as Sonic Youth. Hurtling wear their influences on their sleeve, but make this album their own with riff after riff of endless creativity. 

You’re met with classic alternate rock drums that do their job in keeping the tight rhythms whilst the guitars go on their loud adventure. One of the highlights for me on this album is the bass as it walks along side the guitar with playful riffs. You don’t need a second guitarist in this band as the bass fills out the lower tones whilst still exemplifying you don’t have to keep things simple in alternative rock. “E Flat One” and “Alone” are perfect examples of that. 

The smoother and softer moments stood out to me a lot more than the heavier tracks, mainly due to the intoxicating vocal style, but at the same time, Hurtling’s melancholy moments have a sugar-sweet emo touch to them. “Blank It Out” and “Summer” with the guitar picking behind them really encompass the emotional side that 90s alt-rock artists displayed such as early Radiohead tracks. 

If you’ve been looking for riffs galore, atmospheric vocals and noisy, big and confident sounds, then I tell you to look no further than Future From Here. The band have worked with some big names in the alternative rock business prior to this album and they have moulded all the right sounds and vibes to introduce themselves to the world with a bang. 

Put on your plaid shirts and your ripped jeans, it’s time for alt rock to rebirth.