Released May 28th, HVIRESS‘ debut ‘Arrival‘ is an unapologetic apocalyptic single that is fuelled with attitude and moments of aggression. Prominently alternative rock and electronic, this cinematic track is entirely innovative and couldn’t be labelled to another artist. You can definitely hear influences from Goldfrapp and Portishead, but this is completely HVIRESS’ own. The latest project of Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald (Birdeastbaby), this two-piece are continuously creating fantastic music with gothic edges.

“Arrival” arrives on the scene and shakes its head to the powers that be. Aimed firmly at the leaders of the world and the government, the track is a middle finger up to the ones making the decisions that are harming the globe. Not only an attack on the political sides of the world but also religious hypocrisy, the new single from HVIRESS takes the two-pieces songwriting to the next level.

Not following the mainstream sound of the world, this unique single is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re into listening to music that has an experimental nature, this will be right up your street. Like the lovechild of Dalbello and Bauhaus, ‘Arrival’ storms onto the scene with a declaration – it’s a must-listen that requires your full attention.