Hybrid Kid – Freeze Frame

Indie rock trio Hybrid Kid unveil melancholic new single ‘Freeze Frame. Based in the seaside town of Brighton, this powerful trio are influenced by traditional ‘three to 4’ minute song formulas. Creating an alternative rock pathway for their songwriting, the new track fuses garage rock elements in with a slight sinister experimental side.

Featuring one of the most hypnotic chord progressions you’ll hear this week, the 90’s influenced number is just over 4 minutes long, and catapults straight for the stars.

Energetic yet leaving listeners speechless from its purity, ‘Freeze Frame’ will leave you stuck in the world of Hybrid Kid, but not wanting to escape. With a few years of music under their belt, the contagious music from the trio is refreshingly original.

Freeze Frame’ weaves through complex garage rock and finishes with an explosive ending. The track feels like it could have entered straight away, and not had an introduction. By doing this, it would have made a clear statement. Saying that this song needs to be played at number 11. Pause for a moment and take this track in, listen to every, intricate part… we’re listening to a band bound to become stars, and you heard it here first.