Idle Hands – Idle Hands

The Debut EP of Idle Hands is an experiment of ambiance and soulfulness.

Each track establishes distance and as you listen on the boundaries are destroyed, and you feel more intimately guided on a tour of psychedelia. Early on, you can feel this in the way that the vocals almost whisper at the listener, but as the music begins to establish a connection, things get more intimate and Idle Hands aren’t afraid to let you know this.

For an EP called Idle Hands it’s amazing how much I want these tracks to approach me and hold me tight. “You Stole My Mind” and “Caught in a Trap” sound like parallel songs of the same coin, but I think it’s the second of these tracks I’m more sold on. The way notes are held for longer creates ambience and when you’ve already been relaxed by the songs before,this is a particularly pleasant effect.

This is nothing though compared to the outright soulfulness ofthe third track “Coming Down”.

Whilst the EP entices you with a steady flow of rhythm that only takes moments of reflection, the EP’s latter half is much slower and more relaxing.

By the time you reach “Leave It All Behind” it feels like you’ve been on a journey and this, the final track, acts a well-deserved send off for this experience.

The straightforward vibes of the instrumentations pull the listener into several different places but each roll naturally into the next. It’s shocking to think it’s only four songs total given how much you’ll discover here. Sometimes you may not even realise you’ve moved onto to the next track given how seamless the bridge is.

It’s mostly the ambience that hits the hardest; this ambience being mostly the lyrics that strike with silky-smooth texture,regardless of the instrumentation they accompany it’s easy to get lost in Laurence Uhregyi’s performance.

Everything in these tracks is deliberate and it shows how much thought was put into these choices. 

This is a feeling of astral projection; you start in a place of quiet intimacy and are seamlessly carried on a variety of emotions. The masterful guitar-play is what takes you through each of these sensations, each song offering its own flavour of psychedelia. Whether you’re looking for something to lift your mind into a relaxed state or a zipline across waves of vigour there will be something for you here.

For a debut EP I’m impressed at how much is successful here. I seriously think it’s criminal that there isn’t wider following for this band.