If By Whiskey – Higher Planes

If By Whiskey is a collective of friends, doing what they do best, creating music without boundaries. Consisting of Aaron Overton (lead singer-songwriter), John Schell (lead guitarist) and William Kortbein (backing vocals), Aaron mainly writes the songs for the outfit. With themes of mystery, love, truth and bittersweetness, the latest If by Whiskey track is straight from the heart. 

Titled ‘Higher Planes’, the leading single is from If by Whiskey’s upcoming album. Telling the story about how we, as humans, remember things and convince ourselves what is true and what isn’t. The main meaning of the track is perception. You can perceive whatever in exactly your own light. ‘Higher Planes’ features a different understanding for everyone, and that’s what makes it a genius track.

An indie track that nudges towards soft rock, ‘Higher Planes’ has a comforting feel to its arrangement. Something to stick on in the hard times and wanting to come back down to Planet Earth, the single is coated with folk elements.

Like something straight out of 90s feel good film, ‘Higher Planes’ soars through the sky with a rebellious nature. Rebelling against being categorised, this visionary is whatever you want it to be.