IKBEN – Bone Noir

What do you get if you take 2 talented musicians, a multitude of electronica genres and world music, blend them together? You get the unique duo of IKBEN and their latest single ‘Bone Noir’.

This atmospheric single blends genres and layers sound in a way that takes you on a journey throughout the song. It seems to be split into 3 parts that make the adventure progress.

The first part is a moody soundscape, which is slow and relaxing yet the still has an edge to it. It uses natural sounds like running water to kind of set a scene in your mind. The other aspects of the song such as the melody and beat feel as though they are trying to breakthrough.

The second part jumps in with a soft piano mix with a middle eastern style singing that builds up with a trance rise that gets you pumped for the next stage of this audio adventure.

Finally it all comes together in an impressive blend of beats, sound and synthetic melodies like a final boss fight before fading back into a style similar to the first part and ending with the sound of wind and your adventure is over and blows away.

IKBEN really show their skills in music production as they step away from the mainstream and put their own ideas first yet nothing in ‘Bone Noir’ feels out of place. The music takes you to a whole new world, definitely recommend listening to this with headphones so that you can block out the rest of the world for your adventure.